Asthma Society of Ireland

Gaby recently worked with the Asthma Society of Ireland to review their fundraising operations and develop a completely new fundraising strategy for the organisation. The strategy included corporate, trust, individual donors and a new approach towards members of the organisation. Gaby worked with the team and the Board to secure full support for the strategy, which represented a radical shift for the organisation. The results to date have been excellent, with 100% increase in net income from non-lottery fundraising sources and a staggering 2,900% increase in the number of members.

“Gaby worked with us to create a new fundraising strategy for the Asthma Society at a time when revenue from traditional sources was falling dramatically and we had to completely re-think our approach. Gaby worked with us to review the best options for ASI and put together a comprehensive strategy with a clear plan and financial forecasts. To date, the plan is working well for us. It provides us with a framework which we can easily adapt to take account of changes in the external environment. We found Gaby very professional to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gaby to other charities.”

Sharon Cosgrove, CEO, Asthma Society of Ireland