Purplegrass Charity Consulting

Purplegrass provides customised fundraising and management strategies to create sustainable growth and improved performance in your organisation. Here at Purplegrass we constantly keep on top of the latest thinking, trends and research in fundraising in Ireland and overseas. Founded by Gaby Murphy, a fundraiser with over 20 years experience in not for profit organisations in Ireland and the UK, Purplegrass was set up to provide an effective and cost efficient way for charities to access qualified senior management and fundraising expertise to support their work. Read more 

Why Work with Purplegrass?

purple_checkDo you need to develop or revise a fundraising strategy but have no budget to hire a full-time Fundraising Director?
purple_checkAre you losing one of your major funders and need to develop new income streams and new types of fundraising expertise?
purple_checkWould you benefit from an external perspective and a fresh approach in creating your strategy? Read more

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Purplegrass offers a range of services to suit your organisation

We look at fundraising within the context of your organisation’s long term goals. We review current and potential fundraising capability, look at long and short term revenue needs and advise on the fundraising mix.

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