Purplegrass gives you a fast and cost-effective way of bringing specific, senior fundraising and management skills into your organisation. We bring a fresh perspective to your fundraising strategy and can work with your team on an ongoing basis to develop and implement your goals for your organisation. With our new recruitment service, Purplegrass@Alternatives, we can also help you find fundraising and marketing talent to ensure you have the best team in place to deliver your fundraising strategy. At Purplegrass we look at fundraising within the context of your organisation’s long term goals. We review current and potential fundraising capability, look at the long and short term revenue needs and advise on the fundraising mix.

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Strategic Fundraising Review and Development

We look at fundraising within the context of your organisation’s long term goals. We review current and potential fundraising capability, look at long and short term revenue needs and advise on the fundraising mix.

Case for Support and Communications Strategy

We help you maximise your impact to meet fundraising goals by creating a compelling case for donors.

Proposals and Campaign Development

We assist in writing applications for funding, proposals and bring fresh ideas to the development of new fundraising campaigns.

Working with your Board

The support of the Board is crucial to any fundraising campaign and we work with your board, helping them transition to a new fundraising approach where necessary.

Measuring and Reporting

We advise on efficient and innovative ways of analysing your fundraising activity to give you a clear measurement of the cost effectiveness of your activities.

Strategic Review

We can carry out a full strategic review of your organisation’s goals, assessing current activity versus strategy. We advise on the scope of your strategic plans and on how best to achieve them.


We look at the skills and experience you have within your team and ensure that you have the right people in the right roles. We can provide coaching for team members, assist in hiring new people and provide support in job definition and goal setting.


We review the sustainability of your organisation and provide advice on organisational development and fundraising.


Once the strategic plan has been finalised, we have created a specialised service for organisations to help ensure that the plan is implemented. This includes goal setting, review and ongoing evaluation of your plan.

Strategy and Planning

We’ve developed a service that can provide ongoing management and fundraising expertise to support the delivery of your fundraising plans. This allows you to access high-level fundraising skills for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time fundraising manager.

The service is designed to ensure that where a fundraising plan is already in place, organisations can benefit from ongoing coaching and advice to ensure the delivery of key fundraising objectives. This means that your team will benefit from ongoing support along the way and you have the assurance that your organisation is remaining on track with its fundraising activities.

We can also provide support in managing a particular fundraising project, where you may need additional resource for a limited period of time.

Finding Fundraising Talent


Purplegrass has teamed up with Alternatives, the No.1 award-winning, marketing resourcing business in Ireland to provide a unique recruitment service for sourcing fundraising and marketing professionals.

Purplegrass@Alternatives sources fundraising, marketing and senior management professionals uniquely for the not for profit sector. We are the only company that can tap into both the current fundraising talent pool within the not for profit sector, plus those with relevant marketing and commercial skills from the business sector.

Purplegrass@Alternatives combines the recruitment expertise of Alternatives, built up over 13 years in the business, with the deep knowledge of the not for profit sector, provided by Gaby Murphy of Purplegrass and has worked with a broad range of clients including Focus Ireland, the Trinity Foundation and Amnesty International.



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