Doing More with Less

One thing that is common to many not for profit organisations, large and small, is a lack of resources. The challenge is always to deliver more with less. The organisations that thrive, rather than survive, are the ones that can focus, clearly prioritise and make the best use of the resources at their disposal. This is what Purplegrass can help your organisation achieve.

purple_checkDo you need to develop or revise a fundraising strategy but have no budget to hire a Fundraising Director?
purple_checkDo you have an excellent team of fundraisers or perhaps one enthusiastic individual doing a great job, but no senior fundraising management to give direction and optimise resources use?
purple_checkWould your team benefit from ongoing access to fundraising mentoring and coaching?
purple_checkAre you losing one of your major funders and need to develop new income streams and new types of fundraising expertise?
purple_checkWould you benefit from an external perspective and a fresh approach in creating your organisation’s strategy?
purple_checkIs your current strategy just gathering dust on the top shelf?
purple_checkDo you need some help in communicating your strategy, getting stakeholder buy in and ensuring you have the best structure to deliver your goals?
purple_checkDo you need some ongoing external expertise to help with the implementation of your strategy?
purple_checkDo you need someone to come on board for a limited period of time to manage a fundraising project?
purple_checkDo you need to recruit fundraising or marketing professionals?

Find out how Purplegrass can help your organisation succeed